What happens at my nail laser treatment visits?

Lunula Laser male foot treatment

Relax and let Lunula Laser do its’ work!

All of your care is overseen by a Podiatrist who has long experience of and good track record in improving fungal nail and skin issues over the short, medium or long term. He has had a clinical interest in dermatology and the foot throughout his professional career of over 30+ years.

After the assessment visit, where we establish that the treatment is appropriate for you and you are happy to go ahead; we will agree what pre-laser preparation of the nail beds and plates is required to help with the success of the Lunula Laser. If and when it is required, the pre-laser preparation may happen on the day of the assessment or on the day of your first Lunula Laser treatment depending on what is agreed and convenient for you and us.

When you attend for your first Laser therapy treatment, your foot/feet or hand/s will be swabbed with a cleaning solution to remove any sock fibres, cleanse the skin etc.. All nail varnish, base coats, gel coatings etc. must be removed by the person receiving laser therapy prior to attending and during the four weekly visits and for any subsequent follow on laser treatments.

12 minutes treatment time for all nails on your hand or foot

You will be seated in a relaxed and comfortable position. You will then place the first foot or hand into the Lunula Laser system and we will set and start the first phase of treatment.

12 month treatment, support and monitor package

This takes 12 minutes per cycle per foot or hand to complete. We ask that you do not move the position of the foot or hand and help this with the comfortable relaxed position. If both feet or hands are to be treated, once the first cycle has finished the second cycle will be set up and started. You will be asked to bring clean socks to wear after each laser session.

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Comprehensive advice and re-infection prevention programme

You will be given a comprehensive advice and home treatment pack to take away to address the underlying issues that often are the cause of the initial and chronic recurring fungal skin and nail infections. This is an essential part of the therapy for the long term successful management of these conditions at Achilles Foot Health Centre.

Throughout the course of treatment, measurements and photographs of the affected nails will be taken to establish the baseline status of the condition. This happens at first assessment, after pre-laser preparation when carried out, and at the end of the four weekly course of Lunula Laser, and at follow up monitoring visits where progress of the laser treatment is checked at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.