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discussing treatment costs

The fees for your course of treatment with the Lunula Laser system are charged as separate elements of the package depending on your personal and clinical requirements.

The initial assessment to establish if you, your health status and the nails you are concerned about are all suitable for this approach is currently free.

The visit for pre-laser preparation of nail plates and nail beds, where needed, is charged at £60 to £95 depending on how much diseased nail preparation is required, and if skin care is needed.

The initial package and course of Lunula Laser therapy includes:
  • The minimum course of four Lunula Laser therapy sessions at weekly intervals for all the nails to both feet or hands
  • The supply of a starter pack of tubes of antifungal creams and sprays for home use
  • The disinfection, by us, of your footwear (multiple pairs of shoes and sandals)
  • A comprehensive foot health awareness programme to minimise recurrence
  • All of the clinical procedures and consumerables we use at each visit to maintain hygiene for each client to protect you from acquiring new clinic derived infections
  • All affected nails will be measured to record their initial pre-laser condition
  • A photographic record will be taken to establish the baseline status for monitoring purposes to show the improvement over the short, medium and long term at follow on visits
  • The follow up progress monitoring visits over the first year including checking, measuring, photographs at three, six, nine and twelve months.
  • Access to a podiatrist for any concerns that may rarely arise during Lunula Laser treatment
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The cost of the initial inclusive course of Lunula Laser Therapy as described above is £695. You are likely to achieve a high level of success with this standard package of care.

In some cases, the extent of fungal nail disease is so great that 5 to 8+ sessions of the Lunula Laser system may be needed – this may be agreed at the planning stage or later at review appointments if required. These will be charged at £100 per session.

The cost of treatment may be as little as £95 per visit (8 visits) over 13 months. We are able to offer an easy staged pay-as-you-go scheme to spread out the payments  by debit card or cash:

The first payment for preparation of the nail bed, where needed, and the first and second fees of the initial course of  laser treatment are due prior to the first laser session.

At each of the follow on laser treatments, the next part of the total fee will be payable when you attend for laser treatment session. There will be no fee due at the last laser session as all fees for the agreed course of laser therapy will have been paid.

There are no fees due for the monitoring visits at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months, where your nails will be checked, photographs and measurements will be taken and recorded in your notes.

You may need to have further nail care when you attend for any of your visits. A fee will be charged at the appropriate rate for our professional podiatric nail care service using sterile instruments and medicaments as required. More supplies of medicaments are available to buy.