What Next?

You and Lunula Laser – are you suitable for treatment?

assessment by skype

You will need to attend for your free, no obligation assessment to check that you and your nails are suitable for the treatment.

Everyone will not be a suitable candidate for Lunula Laser, so the assessment will give an honest professional opinion saving both of our time and resources. Sometimes we can do this by email, skype and phone, to avoid an unnecessary journey.

In rare cases, if you are not a suitable case for the Lunula Laser system, we will advise you on, devise and agree a plan for alternative approaches that will be suitable for you, your health and your feet or hands within our Podiatry Clinics at Achilles Foot Health Centre.

You may need a pre-laser appointment after assessment, prior to starting your course of Lunula Laser Therapy to prepare the nails for the treatment, and deal with any fungal skin infection. Even when you have fungal infection to the end and corners of your nail/s (Distal Lateral Subungual Onychomycosis), the space beneath the nail may build fungal cell blocks that need to be removed to maximise the likelihood of a good long term outcome.

You will receive a free no obligation quotation for any pre-laser preparation work and a plan for the course of Lunula Laser treatment.

Once you decide to go ahead with the treatment, payment for the course of treatment will be taken, and dates will be booked for each weekly session.