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We assure you of our commitment to provide you with an ethical, efficient, thorough, professional quality, medical standard, comprehensive Foot Health Service responsive to the needs of you and your family. Patient surveys show a high level of satisfaction with the services and care provided.

Paul de Haas – Principal at Achilles Foot Health Centre, has had a long term (over 30 years) interest in Dermatology in the foot and leg; treating 1000’s of cases of fungal nail and skin infections. In the early part of his career, he worked on a hospital site with a Regional Skin Unit, which sparked his interest; and has developed his knowledge and skills throughout his career.

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With fungal nail (and skin) infections he has achieved good results over the medium to long term; however, he and his clients have been frustrated by:

  • The lack of progress from the patients and a clinicians point of view
  • Difficulty in being able to use systemic antifungal tablets due to patient medical status or sensitivity, side effects and lack of availability of extended courses of the drugs, even though they do have some benefit and good results in some cases
  • The challenge of achieving good fungal clearance with nail paints alone
  • The lack of effective, pain free, convenient Laser Nail Treatment systems

He has developed comprehensive packages of care integrated into each clients treatment plan to maximise the likelihood of successful outcomes, which are applied to all cases regardless of how minor or severe their fungal foot infection is at first visit.

Paul spent half his career in the NHS as a clinician in Wales and specialist clinician/manager of services in the South East. He has been working in private practice since the early 1980’s. He set up and has developed Achilles Foot Health Centre in Northwich over 20+ years.