Effectiveness – Latest results

We have just updated the website based on the results of a 500 patient Lunula Laser trial carried out by a colleague in Northern Ireland (NI) which was shared at the College of Podiatry Conference recently.

We have been using the Lunula Laser for treatment of fungal infected toe nails for cases across Cheshire, Derbyshire, Stafford, Shropshire, North Wales, and the Greater Manchester area since January 2014. The first cases that we treated are now returning with good levels of improvement at nine month review. We hope to get some of our before and after images uploaded when we get an opportunity.

lunula laser trial northern ireland

Lunula Laser Trial

The data from NI indicates a 90% success rate with up to 98% of cases showing improved appearance. Clients, in most cases, are generally pleased with the improvement seen in the quality of improvement in the diseased fungal nail condition.

However, they are really appreciative of the improvement in the quality of the fungal skin infection that has been a major factor in a lot of the cases we have seen at Achilles Foot Health Centre in Northwich.