Why should I start a course of Lunula Laser Fungal Nail Therapy in the autumn?

autumn scene leaves trees path

September may sound like a weird time of year to be talking about getting your feet in shape for next Summer.

However, if you think that you may have fungal infected toe and/or finger nails, now is the time to get your assessment. This will mean that any treatment that we do for you will be showing results by next summer.

Why? Well, the course of Lunula Laser Therapy is just the start. You then have to wait for the healthy new nail to grow through. The average rate of growth is 0.1 mm per day on hands and generally slower on feet. So the healthy nail takes quite a while to show through. All of the diseased, discoloured nail has to be removed as it grows out and is replaced by healthy nail.

The good news is, we can get you assessed in the next couple of weeks. We can also, carry out any preparation work ready for the laser therapy. This may include removal of diseased nail, thinning of the nail plate, attention to any related skin infection and set you up with a home care kit to start to address the underlying causes.

Our next courses of Lunula Laser Therapy will start in the middle of October 2014 and run through the autumn and winter months, so that your nails should look so much better by next summer.

So, planning ahead at this stage will help give your nails the best chance to have an improved appearance in 2015!!!

Just give us a ring and book your assessment when you are ready.