Protect and Survive – Minimise risk of Fungal Nails & Skin

fungal nails skin feet wooden floor

Summer is here and holidays to look forward to staying in your choice of accommodation or if you are lucky to have friends in great places.

So often at Achilles Centre in Northwich, when people come for a Podiatry consultation,  we are telling people about how to keep their feet in good health after they have fungal infections of skin and nails or verrucae.

So a little word, early in the season, in everyone’s ear about simple foot health precautions that can save you and your family a lot of grief later in the year.

Main message is never go barefoot around pools, bedrooms, bathrooms and showers – always wear  flipflops or slides to avoid direct contact with hard or carpeted floors. You do not know who has been walking over the same area before you, with what interesting infections (well to us!!).Yes, even in 5 or 6 star venues or at your family or friends place.

Keep a tube of simple fungal cream in your toilet bag such as 1% clotrimazole to apply – all over your feet after swims, showers etc. – protecting you from fungal infections.

If you are considering some shoe shopping, make sure you have ‘pop ons’ or spare socks just for shops shoes to protect your feet, when you are trying on shoes that other folk have tried!

We have plenty more sound advice like this – but that’s a good start!! Have a healthy safe summer.