What’s local to Achilles-Centre.co.uk when I attend for Lunula Laser Fungal Nail Therapy?

swing bridge northwich cheshire

As our clients at Achilles-Centre in Northwich, come from quite a wide catchment area for consultations and treatment for fungal infected nails of the feet and hands using the Lunula Laser System, I thought it may be useful to highlight some local facilities to be aware of, if needed.

This could be if you are early for an appointment, or come after a long shift at work and need to have some lunch, tea, or dinner before you start your return journey to home. You may bring your partner, friend, children or grandchildren along and they may choose to drop you off for treatment and explore the local area.

So three doors away is the Bowling Green Inn that goes back to the 1600’s, and can provide a beverage, meal or snack. Sadly, the bowling green is no more, so no point in bringing your woods as you cannot bowl a few ends!!! However, it does have a playground. It has recently been redeveloped, as a Chop House, and is planning to make use of the riverside location at the back of the gardens.

Next door to the Bowling Green is the Weaver Hall Museum (formerly known as the Salt Museum). This was the workhouse and houses a range of well curated exhibits about our local industrial and social history at a modest entry cost. There is always a free access exhibition in the side room which is always great for a spare 10 – 15 minutes. The theme changes a few times through year. There is a museum shop and a café on site.

Just beyond the museum there is a railway viaduct of 22 arches across the Weaver and Dane valleys. If a walk is desired you may walk beside the viaduct in either direction on a proper path. If you turn right, you will end up next to the Dane with its oxbow lakes and come to a pleasant Park with all sorts of excitements such as crazy golf, play area, pets, tennis courts and a bowling green etc..

If you turn left beside the viaduct you will come to an Edwardian Pumping Station that opens some times, a weir with flood management scheme and a path along the Weaver Navigation. If you turn left you will come to the Northwich Rowing Club which has been the seed bed for many successful rowers including Olympians including Mathew Langridge. There is a foot bridge that takes you onto the island where locks manage the levels of this navigable river. It is famous for its boat building past. If you turn right you will end up in Northwich town passing yet more boatyards and Canal and Waterways Trust offices and the swing bridges built over 100 years ago – still working to let boats through.

If you turn right along the viaduct you will come to Vickersway Park which has a lot of traditional features of a municipal park – play areas, pitch and putt, gardens, tennis courts etc..

For more good food / snack options there is the Kingfisher Inn on Kingsmead spine road, and the village of Davenham has two inns – The Bulls Head and the Oddfellows and Tunturi Restaurant; plus a variety of interesting little shops in an old village setting.

We hope this is helpful to our more distant visitors, and will help make your visit even more beneficial. Please ask us for more details when you arrive if needed.

We look forward to meeting you sometime in the near future.  Paul de Haas Principal Achilles Foot Health Centre Northwich