Why do we get fungal nail infections?

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So often clients attend Achilles-Centre at 174 London Road Northwich for assessment for Fungal Nail Therapy with Lunula Laser, and through discussion with Paul de Haas Principal Podiatrist come to realise the likely route/s of fungal nail and skin infection within the foot and hand.

Some causes include: there may have been an injury to the toenail, or one off or multiple wettings of the foot within the shoe with muddy water. There may have been barefoot walking on grass, algal covered patios with the feet being slipped back into the shoes where the soil bacteria start to break down the skin structure letting in fungal spores already sitting in the shoe from barefoot walking in other environments such as gyms, swim pools, B & B, Hotels up to 6 Star!! High grade hotels do not protect you anymore than other establishments.

So it can be multi factorial and needs to be addressed by treatment with a system such as Lunula and protection of the feet in all environments by using flip flops, wellingtons and avoid going bare foot in dusty , muddy and wet environments, washing the feet as soon as possible if they get muddy, dry well and put on clean dry socks and footwear.

The myth that going barefoot on grass or in muddy conditions is ‘cool’ must be challenged!!