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We assure you of our commitment to provide you with an ethical, efficient, thorough, professional quality, medical standard, comprehensive Foot Health Service responsive to the needs of you and your family. Lunula Laser System offers the potential for improved nail appearance to clients across Cheshire, Wirral, Merseyside, and neighbouring counties of Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Shropshire, Welsh Borders, North Wales, the North West and the Greater Manchester area.

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For all your concerns about diseased, damaged and fungal nails please browse this website. When you are ready to book an appointment – to get the help you need – call Paul on 01606 49094.

The Podiatry Service at Achilles-Centre was set up 20+ years ago by the Principal – Paul de Haas. For all of your enquiries about the quality of Podiatry and the range of services you can expect at Achilles Foot Health Centre – please browse our website at: www.achilles-centre.co.uk or call us on 01606 49641

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If this is your first contact with Achilles Foot Health Centre, you may join the 50% of new clients and visitors that come by recommendation without the use or need of client incentive or referral schemes. The other 50% contact us when passing our premises, or through seeing our contact details in Directories. You may come to appreciate the range of professional services and the high quality of care, successful treatments and improvement to your foot health concerns, we achieve at Achilles Foot Health Centre.

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Why come to us for Laser Fungal Nail Therapy?
  • Fast track Treatment for your fungal diseased nails in your toes or fingers in a minimum of just 4 weekly visits.
  • We treat the whole foot or hand in just 12 minutes using the Lunula Laser system giving a high success rate of 90% plus nails showing improvement.
  • Start Treatment of your fungal nails with Lunula Laser now and start to see results in six to nine months or more depending on the extent of your nail condition
healthy nails feet
You will benefit from, currently, the most clinically effective, safe and pain free laser treatment for fungal Infections of the nails on feet and hands. The system is used by clinics in London’s Harley Street.

New Beginnings – Banish Embarrassment – Feel Pride

Lunula Laser system offers the possibility of significant changes in affected nail plates and the supporting nail beds.

Current research, shows good results with distal lateral subungual nail infections (which is a common type) with a 90%+ success rate.

In the most recent research, early results have shown significant improvement even in severe cases affecting the whole of the nail plate during the period of the studies.

Did you Know?

  • 10% of the population have issues with fungal nail infections and the embarrassment of unsightly feet or hands, the risk of ingrowing toenails, pain, odour and often fungal skin infection as well.
  • Many people try nail paints, creams, tablets from the GP and so on – all with mixed results, with maybe 60% success rate if they are lucky.
before after strong nail recovery

These are the before and after images showing strong recovery of normal nail at 10 months

To find out more, please browse our website and if you have a query, or wish us to call you back to arrange an appointment email us on lasernails@achilles-centre.co.uk